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Circular Economy Construction

X-Frame is a recoverable and reusable framing system designed and developed for the next generation of sustainable construction

40% of the world’s waste is the result of building, construction, renovation and demolition practices

This waste is systematically filling our planets valley's with toxic chemical preservatives, polluting our waterways, destroying natural habitats and depleting our irreplaceable material assets.

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X-Frame has directly addressed these issues by creating prefabricated lightweight, carbon sequestering, engineered timber wall framing system designed specifically for end-of-life recovery and reuse.


X-Frame replaces the decades-old waste creating approach of platform timber framing with a structure that enables all adjoining wall layers (things like internal wall linings and cladding) to be reversibly connected in a manner that maintains their inherent value. In-fact, X-Frame makes recovering and separating materials so fast that it becomes the financial best practice to recover and reuse, rather than dispose.

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Structural Walls

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Partition Walls

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DIY Kit-Sets

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Event Infrastructure

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