Wiehann de Klerk

Commercialisation Manager, Innovyz and Innovyz Institute

Wiehann de Klerk – Commercialisation Manager. His time at Innovyz began after an internship while studying for a Bachelor of Business. He was employed as a business analyst starting as the Business Development Manager of Innovyz’s not-for-profit co-working company, Co-Hab. He successfully expanded the client base by over 1400%. As a result, Co-Hab expanded premises three times in 3 years. Continued promotion saw a time as a Project Manager with Innovyz before moving to his current role as Commercialisation Manager where he works on projects that range from electric motors from UNSW and 3D nano-scale printing based at Deakin University to an air conditioning efficiency technology from the University of Adelaide. His skills include General Management, Financial Modelling/Analysis, Sales and Marketing.


Email: Wiehann@innovyz.com

Phone Number: 0488 780 239


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