Vaughan Levitzke

CEO, Green Industries SA


Vaughan is the inaugural Chief Executive and ex-officio board member of Green Industries SA

GISA delivers strategic policy that enables better resource management and waste reduction through market interventions. These incentivise infrastructure investment, commercialisation of innovation, market development, and improvements to recycling and waste services and systems. GISA facilitates and enables changes that save businesses and governments money whilst building social and economic capacity and activity. GISA is responsible to facilitate South Australia's Green Industries sector, and develop the circular economy.

Former Member of 4 UniSA Advisory Boards including the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development.

Minister's representative on the Board of KESAB.

Former Board Director Waste Aid, a charity focussed on waste services to disadvantaged communities, especially Australian remote communities.

Advisory Board member of United Nations Centre for Regional Development International Partnership expanding waste management services of Local Authorities.

1 Tonsley Blvd, Tonsley, Adelaide, Australia |Email: |Phone: +61 448 053 024

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