About Innovyz USA

Innovyz US persistently pursues the best ideas in the new materials and manufacturing space.


Through collaboration with universities and innovation centers, Innovyz US focuses on innovations that will positively impact society though global commercialization.


Transparent stewardship of innovation, investments, and relationships allows Innovyz US to deliver on mutual success for all stakeholders; innovators, universities, venture capital partners, mentors, companies, and Innovyz US.


Innovyz US brings years of commercialization success and expertise to create a program that is flexible based on each innovation’s needs. Innovyz US succeeds when the company succeeds, and our ultimate goal is to create abundance for all stakeholders.


What’s the difference?

  1. Innovation sourcing for “hard-tech”
    Innovyz US actively searches for innovations through universities and research centers, in the advanced materials and manufacturing space. We focus on finding great ideas that can have impact on a global scale once commercialized.

  2. The idea matters
    We build a team around the technology. Our mentoring program has the flexibility to support innovators from those who want to build a business to those that want to see their innovation commercialized without being involved in starting a company. The mentoring program has three stages, focused on technology and application validation, business model development, and investment readiness. Each stage includes intensive mentoring from industry experts with relevant experience.

  3. Provide interim management
    Innovyz US builds the best team for the best innovations. As part of this process, Innovyz US provides interim management while recruiting highly effective teams. We are committed to the success of the commercialized innovations and support continues beyond the mentoring program through ongoing strategy session, industry introductions, and assistance with capital raising.

  4. Co-Founder
    Innovyz US partners with Universities to become co-founders in the business. This aligns us with the interest of the University, Researchers & Investors allowing us to scale and grow the business quickly.


The Innovyz US team are dedicated entrepreneurs and professionals




Innovyz supports CO-HAB - A first class, full featured, cost-effective, collaborative, coworking space for companies who aspire to be BIG

Special thanks to our collaboration partners:

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