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TFM converts titanium scrap by utilising an innovative process to lower the cost of bar product

Our technology replaces an outdated, inefficient, energy intensive, 90 year old melting and recycling process

The TFM process has the potential to substantially reduce recycle costs – an industry game changer

TFM uses  Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) of the metal 


This process enables TFM to convert scrap/swarf directly into bar products 

The TFM process can then be adapted to produce billet for forged or tubular products at a greatly reduced cost when compared with existing processes


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Transform Metals is an Australian early stage company with methodologies of Aerospace Titanium (Ti 6/4) scrap recycling at lower costs than current Titanium recycling processes. Established in 2019 by Innovyz, Australia’s pre-eminent technology commercialisation group.

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1 Tonsley Boulevard, Tonsley, SA 5042



Tel: +61 467 628 282

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