Terry Hilsberg

Project Manager, Innovyz and Innovyz Institute

Terry Hilsberg has been:


  • An economist and coder, by original trade

  • CIO of the then Commonwealth Employment Service

  • In charge of Commonwealth innovation policies and programs, including R and D grants and tax concessions, venture capital programs, offsets policy and programs and the forerunners to Commercialisation Australia and AusIndustry

  • Venture capitalist in Japan, China and the USA, including raising an early stage venture fund from Japanese institutional investor

  • An adviser to the Commonwealth on higher education policy

  • The founder of or very early stage investor in 6 edutech start-ups, of varying success, in China and Australia from 1998 onwards

  • Raised more than A$50M of mainly international venture money to invest in these edutech companies


His major interest today is to make a small contribution to dramatically increase the rate of high growth start-up formation in the edutech industry, out of Australia.