Stuart Douglas

Founding Director, Innovyz and Innovyz Institute

Co-Founder, SME Growth Capital

Stuart Douglas is a co-founder and an Executive Director of Innovyz. He has founded and co-founded numerous businesses across industries as diverse as fashion, 3-D printing and web-based recruitment. Stuart was deeply involved in the development, fundraising and the listing of Titomic (ASX:TTT) a technology which originated from the CSIRO. Effectively seconded to Titomic, he served as Business Development Manager in the first few months after listing. He has played a similar role at Amaero (ASX:3DA) a technology that originated from Monash University. Stuart negotiated the original terms with Monash University before developing and implementing (along with CEO Barrie Finnin) a new strategy for the listing on the ASX and rapid growth of the company. He currently serves as an Executive Director of Amaero. Stuart is highly respected in the field of research commercialisation. As Director of the Innovyz Growth & Exits Division, he works closely with the Commercialisation Managers to identify projects ready for rapid growth, scaling and exit.


Phone Number: 0449 060 562