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CEO and Director, Bernie Lewis

Founder and Director,

Steve Koschmann is an electrical engineer by education and a classically trained marketer. Steve started his career with the US Navy onboard a nuclear submarine. After eight years of floating around the Western Pacific Ocean, he began his business career at Nabisco Foods in New York City. During his four years at Nabisco, he was promoted to Product Manager on Care*Free Sugarless Gum — an $80MM brand at the time. He also completed the Executive MBA program at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.


Steve subsequently left corporate life and moved to Silicon Valley, CA where he embarked on a series of high-tech startups. He was employee number 11 as the Director of Marketing at Peter Norton Computing. After Peter Norton Computing was sold to Symantec Corporation, Steve moved on to become the Director of Marketing of Aldus Software, developer of the Aldus PageMaker graphics software. Aldus was later purchased by Adobe Software Systems. Steve was recruited to Boulder, CO where he became the VP of Marketing at Datasonix, a startup manufacturer of tape back-up products.


Steve is currently President and Founder of Fluid Forms Inc, a manufacturer of knee braces for young women volleyball and basketball players.


Steve is married to Sherri Leopard. He is an avid skier and bicyclist, and spends as much time as he can on Vail Mountain in Colorado.