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TFM’s goals are set in stone after a $240,000 capital raise

TransForm Metals Pty Ltd has recently completed its first capital raise of $240,000. The funds are being used for Commercial Scale up.

The Deakin Uni 75 Ton press has started producing samples. The press has proven to be a little more difficult that envisaged but most of the technical issues are now resolved. Samples are being produced for testing and characterisation.

Dies are being designed, for a 250 Ton press for the large samples characterisation. Upon sample completion and testing we will have the design parameter to order a large production press(es).

The project team is very enthusiastic and morale is high for this exciting project. The current team includes:

· A professor internationally recognised for work in material sciences;

· A Technical Specialist in Titanium and Nickel based alloys;

· A Sophisticated Investor, with & chemical & materials degree;

· A commercial advisor with a background in new and emerging industrial drying and processing technology expertise.



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