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NASA Engineer Joins Innovyz

South Australian based commercialisation company, Innovyz, today announced the appointment of NASA engineer, Mr Nathanael Miller as a Technology Manager to the company.

Virginia based Mr Miller will continue to work part time at NASA where he develops public-private partnering strategies for NASA in the areas of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Small Satellites.

At Innovyz, he will work with the Innovyz Science Committees both in Australia and the United States to assess the quality of research and the potential for commercialisation.

Mr Miller has significant experience working in the commercialisation of technology. A previous role in NASA was as Founder & Director of Lab 77 – Small Satellite Development Team. At Lab 77 Nathanael built an interdisciplinary team focused on extending the NASA Langley Research Center's ability to utilize small satellites, CubeSats, hosted-payloads, and other low-cost, space-based platforms for science and research purposes.

Lab77 initiated ~300 teams and launched more than 30 projects, which included developments in radiation studies, solar sails, atmospheric monitoring and in-space assembly among other things. Mr Miller has also previously worked as Chief Technical Officer of Innovyz Alumni company Titomic (TTT.asx)

Innovyz Executive Chairman, Brett Jackson said: “We’re so excited to have Nathanael as part of our team both here and in the US. He brings a wealth of experience, contacts and knowledge that is unrivalled. He’s great fun to work with as well as being driven, open to new ideas and a superb thinker.”

“We know that he will make a massive contribution to turning great ideas into great companies both here in Australia and in the United States and we welcome him to our team very warmly.”

Speaking from the US, Mr Miller said: “It’s a great pleasure to join the Innovyz teams in the United States and Australia. I’m looking forward to working with Innovyz to take research from the labs and bring it to world markets. There’s so much potential in our colleges and universities both here in the US and in Australia and New Zealand.

“The quality of the ideas I’ve seen since working with Innovyz has been outstanding. It’s a great cause for optimism about our shared future when you see the potential that is being created in our research institutions.”



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