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Innovyz Poster Prize Announcement

Thank you all to all of the applicants that submitted posters for the Innovyz Poster Prize. Our judging panel consisted of representatives from industry and academia.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding calibre of posters presented for the award, with almost every state and territory of Australia and multiple Universities from New Zealand represented.

1st Prize

Georgia Richardson – Victoria University

Towards Green Plastics - A new process to replace toxic chemicals in plastic. This new process reduces the carbon footprint of plastics.

2nd Prize

Ali Mohammad – Uni Southern Queensland

Structural behaviours of concrete structures, repaired using fibre reinforced polymer. This application will be invaluable to structures such as bridge pylons.

Equal 3rd

Chloe Taylor – Uni of Tasmania

Finding Pollutants - fast. This new technology, using a sensor molecule, is a quicker and more cost effective way to detect PFAS, a group of man-made chemicals .

Equal 3rd

Tao Yang -Uni New South Wales

The next generation implantable devices. This project will enhance the use of implantable devices, by coating devices to improve their biocompatibility.

The prize money for winners has been distributed and the top five applicants have been offered the opportunity to have pitch training with Innovyz lead pitch trainers and to meet with the Commercialisation Team to explore the commercialisation of their technology.



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