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Innovyz is celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Innovyz USA! – the US arm of Innovyz.

Innovyz is celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Innovyz USA – the US arm of Innovyz.

Innovyz USA commenced operations in the US early in 2020. The company is based in Chicago in the industrial heartland of the US. The Mid-West of the United States has a heavy concentration of universities with industrial technology research programs and over the last 12 months Innovyz USA has been engaging deeply with them and research institutes.

The team is led by CEO, Gary Klopfenstein. Gary has previously run multi-billion dollar investment funds, most recently at Berenburg Asset Management and before that at Mesirow Financial. The Innovyz USA team has grown to 6 over the past year and has been assisted by Innovyz in Australia as it has established its operations over the past 12 months.

Since commencing operations, Innovyz has moved quickly to meet with researchers, universities and research institutions across the US. Having assessed hundreds of technologies, it has completed two deals. The first with Idaho National Laboratory and the second with Illinois University. Negotiations are well advanced with a number of other institutions on some truly exciting technologies.

Innovyz Chairman, Brett Jackson, was quick to give credit to the Innovyz USA team: “They’ve really hit the ground running in the US. The team is amazing. They are smart and hard working and Gary has recruited well. The results they’ve achieved in such a short space of time are well beyond our initial expectations, especially in light of the impact of COVID on travel and meeting arrangements.”

“We love working with Gary and the team over there. I congratulate them what they’ve achieved so far. We’re really looking forward to working with them seeing the results of their work over the coming years.”

Gary Klopfenstein is equally happy with progress so far:

“We’ve learned a lot in a short space of time and made really significant progress. It’s exciting to see the quality of research and innovation that is underway in the United States and we are proud to be able to bring some of it to market. The resurgence of manufacturing in the US is well underway and Innovyz USA will play an important part in that resurgence.”

The US operations of Innovyz mean that Innovyz companies created in Australia will have a friendly space in the USA and some assistance as they expand into the USA.

Brett Jackson said “We already work with universities in New Zealand and now with an expansion into the United States, we see an opportunity to forge new manufacturing relationships with key economies. As the Five Eyes relationships become more important in the coming years, Innovyz is proud to play a part in strengthening the manufacturing relationship between Australia, New Zealand and the US.



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