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Launch of the KCA SA Network

KCA is excited to announce the launch of the KCA SA Network. The SA Network will be chaired by Andy Roberts from Innovyz. Andy volunteered to carry out the role of initial KCA SA Network chair and the KCA board has happily endorsed this. He has extensive links within the South Australian research institutions, having graduated from two degrees from the University of Adelaide, sat on a number of centre advisory boards for UniSA, supported and attended a number of events and initiatives from Flinders University and engaged with a number of the Government research institutions when CEO of an industry association. Andy is keen to serve in this role to support the commercialisation practitioners in the state.

Innovyz have evolved over the last five years to move from being a more traditional accelerator to a focused model that assists universities in transforming innovation into revenue generating products and services. Innovyz has already established relationships with over 30 of the approximately 40 major universities in Australia and New Zealand, and with research institutions like CSIRO. Andy commented, “There is a great opportunity in South Australia for us to learn from each other and grow together to help universities and ultimately the state and country realise the value of the outstanding research that is being undertaken. I look forward to listening to the KCA SA members to understand more about how we can help facilitate this through this Network.”



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