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How Makers Empire is helping students develop problem-solving skills during COVID-19.

The unprecedented events of 2020 have highlighted more than ever, how important it is to empower our young people as innovators, creators and problem solvers, who know how to make their world better.

During the past five months, with the current pandemic, schools have increasingly been forced to use online resources. We currently have almost 2 million registered user accounts, 100,000 monthly active students creating around fantastic designs every day.

At Makers Empire we have been able to give teachers the tools, skills and resources to confidently teach Design & Technology curricula and engage students in authentic, real-world problem solving. We are constantly updating and improving our curriculum aligned resources to address the demands of design and technology curricula from around the world.

Makers Empire’s Teacher Dashboard includes a library of over 150 lesson plans which are all aligned to the Australian Curriculum. These lesson plans also demonstrate how other curriculum learning areas including Common Core subjects can be integrated into design-based learning.

From the 3D World in the Makers Empire 3D app, students can access a range of grade level specific design-based challenges. The Makers Empire team are working hard behind the scene creating exciting new curriculum-aligned content.

Look out over the coming weeks and months for our new interactive challenge paths – see photos above. These are being especially designed to deliver comprehensive coverage of Design and Technology curricula through rich video content, quizzes, guides. tutorials, specific design challenges, and assessment tools.



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