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Waste and Recycling Innovation Program Attracts New Technologies From Australian Universities

Innovyz Institute, along with Green Industries SA, has announced the successful technologies and ideas selected for the Innovyz Waste and Recycling Commercialisation Program.

The successful technologies include a new way to produce hydrogen with less energy, a process to use graphene to separate oil and water, and a process to separate foil from aluminium laminated PE – something that has, until now, eluded recyclers.

In a stunning breakthrough in the commercialisation industry, seven of the ten successful applicants are from Australian universities, including two from South Australia.

Innovyz Institute Chairman, Mr Philip Vafiadis, was particularly pleased with the engagement of universities.

“This breakthrough of further engagement with universities by Innovyz comes as a result of a singular focus on turning each of these great ideas into great companies, and through these companies deliver the benefits of these ideas to the world,” he said.

“Consistent to our process, creating meaningful relationships with universities, and Federal Government policy, have opened up amazing opportunities for Australian invention and research to be the seeds of important new companies".

Selection committee member, Mr Kevin McGuinness, Chair, Board of Green Industries SA, an Innovyz Institute program partner said that the quality of the ideas and research in the waste and recycling area in Australia is fantastic.

“Partnering with Innovyz to turn these ideas into products and services that can be exported to the world to provide jobs for South Australians will make the world a better, cleaner place at the same time,” he said.

Selected applicants cover a diverse range of ideas and combine a balanced mix of applicants from both industry and research institutes. Our innovations include:

• A method that reduces the cost of hydrogen production by reducing the energy used. • A software application used by brand owners and packaging designers to assess the recyclability of packaging at the design stage. Businesses can firstly determine ways to make packaging more efficiently and recyclable, then classify the recyclability of each component to select the correct on-pack recycling instructions. • A unique pre-setting pressure technique along with the use of geo-polymers to massively increase the quality of recycled concrete. • A 3-D robust graphene composite in several different forms able to separate oil from the water. • A new technology to continuously monitor the surface temperature of plant canopies (leaves) to improve water use efficiencies in orchards, vineyards and farms. • A new and very cost efficient process for recycling certain PVC products and aluminium laminated PE such as plastic foil medical trays. • A promising new technology currently under commercial development that will significantly reduce the amount of urban storm water pollution reaching environmentally sensitive downstream ecosystems. • A new process that injects carbon dioxide into recycled aggregate to improve its quality and that of recycled concrete. • A portable filtration system that collects fine particles, plaster and sediment from waste water preventing them from entering the water system. • A new method to remove BOD and nitrogen from wastewater that uses dramatically less energy.

The Innovyz Institute program will commence in April 2017 and conclude in nine months, with intent to launch the successful companies into world markets.

Green Industries SA, a South Australian government statutory authority, is a funding partner for the Innovyz Waste and Recycling Commercialisation Program.

Green Industries SA helps develop the green economy, promoting the more efficient use of resources, and the conservation and recovery of scarce resources. See

Further information: Innovyz Institute Chairman, Mr Philip Vafiadis 0402 327 967



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