Innovyz brings governance, consistency, and scale to the commercialisation of ideas

Innovyz is unique in the world of commercialisation, specialising in the commercialisation of research from universities and other research institutions, that can be applied to the future of advanced materials and manufacturing as we focus on not only the use of advanced materials, but also their development.


Innovyz work with researchers who don’t want to run a business but would rather remain focused on their current work. This means that research that would otherwise remain in the labs of universities and research institutions is now able to be brought to market.


The Innovyz commercialisation process has two major activities; searching for innovations to commercialise and applying the Innovyz process to the innovation in order to bring it to market.

Applications are now open for our advanced materials and manufacturing program

Examples of innovations we are looking for include:

  • Materials and material science;

  • Manufacturing methods and technologies;

  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing;

  • Material modelling or engineering software;

  • Industry 4.0 technologies, platforms, systems and systems in systems, and;

  • Soft robotics, biological materials and manufacturing technologies. 

The program structure

Innovyz applies its commercialisation processes to each innovation and focuses on two stages, firstly Business Development, and secondly, Investment Planning and Preparation. Both of these stages have a specialist panel providing a valuable role in introducing innovations to potential team members and investors. A key part of the program is the initial appointment of an interim General Manager, and continued recruitment of a talented team to manage, operate and grow the company in the future. 

After each program formally concludes, Innovyz continues to support the created companies when needed. This may include advice, strategy sessions, introductions, and capital raising assistance. Innovyz and program investors are part-owners in the companies and have a direct interest in the eventual success of each company. 

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If you have an idea, product, service or technology you want to turn into a great company, contact us today. Your idea is central to everything we do.


If you are part of the Technology Transfer Office at your University, please don't hesitate to contact us. Innovyz currently work with many Universities accross Australia, and the USA, assisting with the commercialisation of key technologies.