The award will be presented to applicants who are recognised for having the best poster presentations, in the area of Advanced Materials & Manufacturing, based on both technical and commercial merit as determined by a panel of judges.


Applications must include a relevance to technology associated with Advanced Materials & Manufacturing.

• Must be from an Australian or New Zealand university or college; either currently enrolled, or having recently completed, a graduate or undergraduate qualification, pursuing studies in a related science, technology, engineering, maths or health discipline.

• The poster should include original concepts and innovative ideas and it must include a commercial application for the research.

Maximum poster size is A3 and minimum 10 point font.



Submission Deadlines:

All staff and students are invited to enter an application via the Innovyz website. Posters are to be submitted by 5.00 pm(EST) Friday the 19th of February 2021, and the awards will be presented on Friday the 26th of February 2021.



The judging panel will include: Innovyz Scientific Committee, members from KCA, and members from the Electronics Industry Development Adelaide.

Judging Criteria:



We are interested in posters presenting concepts about IP that is already created and the current state of the innovation and results already achieved (ie not proposals to investigate solving a problem). 


The prizes will be judged on the final submitted poster alone using the following criteria:

  • 30% - Quality of commercial application of innovation (ie how well your innovation solves a problem)

  • 20% - How the current problem is overcome (or not) and how much your innovation improves this. 

  • 10% - How significant is this improvement?​ 

  • Is the performance improvement useful or does it make a functional difference when applied?

  • Is the time improvement large enough in a time sensitive element? Is the cost improvement a large enough proportion of a cost sensitive part?

  • 20% - What are the steps required for this innovation to be available in the real world? (Estimates of time / cost to get to market viewed favorably?)

  • 20% - Clarity of explanation (diagrams/figures viewed favorably). *Note: The judging will be on how well the criteria is met in the poster not if the answers in the poster might be perceived what Innovyz prefers in an innovation. (eg while shorter and cheaper time to market is obviously appealing, the poster contest is judged on how well the question of time to market is answered).​


Confidentiality & Privacy:



Confidentiality of information exchanges will be strictly observed.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Innovyz protects the privacy and security of information provided by you. By applying for the prize, you agree to the use of your personal information by Innovyz for purposes related to this awards program and that Innovyz may use this information for internal purposes.

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