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The Innovyz process is powerful and flexible

We apply our 4 step Search and Selection process before commercialising each technology


We select 6-10 innovations each year


A scientific panel then provides technical validation to the selection committee


We use our commercial experience, industry contacts and expertise to validate markets and opportunities


Recommendations are then given to lnnovyz regarding the potential of the innovation from a scientific and IP defensibility viewpoint



Business Development and strategy


Investment Planning and Preparation

Next we apply our commercialisation process which involves two phases;


The key outcomes of the Business Development and strategy phase are:

Definition of market entry and value proposition
Identification and engagement with initial customers
The development, validation and refinement of a business strategy
Initiation of key strategic relationships
Technology refinement as required
Development of investment strategy, succession planning an exit strategy

The key outcomes of the Investment Planning and Preparation phase are:

Finalisation of investment strategy, succession planning and exit strategy
Development of supply chain / manufacturing strategy
Production of investment documents
Identification and pursuit of early revenue opportunities
Continued engagement with identified strategic partners
Development of governance structures
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