Some of the best and brightest minds

 Intensive mentoring by some of the best technologists, strategists and business leaders is just the beginning. As global impact is our intent, Innovyz Institute has a strong and balanced international and national mentor community.  

Gary Klopfenstein
Francois Gouws
Gary Lantzke
Stan Zets
Vaughan Levitzke
Frank Levinson
Tamsin Jones
Ryan Corrigan
Elaine Stead
Craig Donaldson
Suzanne Hall
Steven Neubecker
Domenic Rugari
Martin Jeffries
Frances Guyett
John MacCulloch
David Griggs
Florian Graichen
Filip Eldic
Darren Oemcke
Sarah Emms
Peter Celinski
Mario Cavaiuolo
Julia Davourie
Kelle Kam
Spyros Kouvelis
Brad Holtz
Tony Schmidt
Brad Rosser
Kirsten Edgar
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