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With support from the Federal Government via the Incubator Support Initiative.

Companies are important to national economies, to the individuals who found them, who work for them, and who use or benefit from their products or services.


Some companies matter more to the present. Others to the future, to better ways to fulfilling human needs, to solving big problems, to driving our lives and communities forward. At Innovyz, it is on these other companies that we choose to focus our support. See below eight of the companies in the Waste and Recycling Technology Commercialisation Program.


Monash University

Amaero’s powder bed process is faster than similar machines and either removes or significantly reduces the need for post treatment works.  Using 3D printing, engine components can be produced in dramatically shorter time frames - rather than taking up to two years by using a mould, a component can be made in a week.




The University of Western Australia

The technology transforms boron nitride precursor powder into boron nitride nano-onions. The nano-onions have a spherical structure comprising concentric shells of boron nitride sheets. At less than one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair, their size, hollow structure and crystalline nature, coupled with the physical and chemical properties of boron nitride, make them excellent lubricants/lubricant additives suitable for use in high temperature/pressure applications where conventional lubricants are inadequate. A provisional patent application has been filed for the technology.

Ablano (PNG).png
TransForm Metals W.png

This technology transforms metal powder, chips and swarf into billets, bar, plate and wire without remelting. Can be used by defence and aerospace and other manufacturers to reduce wastage and material costs.

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