Mario Cavaiuolo

Vice President and Principal Consultant, ASTC Pty Ltd

Mario is the Vice-President of Embedded Systems and ASIC solutions for the Australian Semiconductor Technology Company (ASTC). He has nearly 30 years of experience in bringing electronic based products and technology to market. Mario is ASTC’s Global Product Manager for their Embedded Product and Silicon IP products and is the ASTC Business Development Manager for the Australian market, bringing ASTC’s global technology solutions and experience to support the local electronic product manufacturing industry.


ASTC is a global supplier of Embedded Electronic Systems, Software and Virtual Development Tools for the Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Control, Medical, IoT and Consumer product markets. ASTC combines its design capability, IP and technology in Embedded Hardware and Software, Tools for Virtualization and Automation of Embedded Development to enable our customers to successfully bring their products to market, from Semiconductor Manufacturers to Embedded Systems suppliers and OEMs.


Mario has program managed ASTC collaboration in a number of CRC and PRIF Research projects with Universities, including the Real Time Drill Site project with DET-CRC and Intelligent Sensor Platform with University of Adelaide’s Centre for Biomedical Engineering.


Former professional engineering roles include:

  • Transportation and Standard Products Business Operations Manager at Freescale Semiconductor

  • Business Operations, Senior Project Manager and Product Manager for the Motorola Global Software Groups’ Advanced EDA CAD Tools and Transportation Products Design groups.

  • Researcher in Land Operations, Trusted Systems and Advanced Computer Architectures in DST (formerly DSTO).