Innovyz Exceptional Teams Initiative

Building a global company means building a global team.

Help us establish high calibre teams around early stage innovation.

Most companies look locally to build their team, however to change an industry you need an industry changing team, wherever they are located. It is self evident that leaders in an industry will be attracted to innovations which can change their industry. It's about harnessing people who understand the relevance of an innovation and who have proven themselves in areas relevant to it.

While others advise to aim high, we advise to simply start high. By starting high, this also validates the relevance of an innovation to its industry and minimises the perception of risk for future investors, customers and exit partners.

An early stage company is birthed with highly accomplished operational teams, not just Board advisors. If you're a highly skilled or accomplished person and interested in contributing operationally in one of our great companies, we want to hear from you.

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