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Innovyz has worked with over 80 innovations since it began in 2009

Many of them have gone on to become successful companies. Amaero, K-Tig, and Titomic are currently listed on the ASX and the remainder are beavering away as privately held companies

Amaero International Limited ASX:3DA was established in 2013, to commercialize additive manufacturing of metals and alloys technologies developed by Monash University, servicing customers in the aviation, aerospace, defense, automotive and tooling markets.



Amaero International

Titomic is the beginning of industrial scale additive manufacturing for metals (3D printing). The Titomic process is unique in that it can manufacture complex parts from metal (including titanium), alloy or composites, at speeds 30 times faster than the largest and fastest commercially available metal 3D printers. 


Not only is the Titomic process faster and cheaper but also the metals that it produces are also stronger than traditional smelted material. 

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Titomic is the beginning of industrial scale additive manufacturing for metals (3D printing). The Titomic process is unique in that it can manufacture complex parts from metal (including titanium), alloy or composites, at speeds 30 times faster than the largest and fastest commercially available metal 3D printers. ​



TITOMIC company logos square format.jpg

Bluedot Innovation’s location services technology is over 20x the accuracy of traditional location services, with only a fraction of the battery drain. It enables businesses to deliver personalized content, collect analytics and even charge payments based on the precise location of their customers. ​


Bluedot Innovations


Be Intent is the most effective solution for improving resilience, mindfulness, productivity, and overall well being for individuals and teams, and it's 100% digital. Be Intent’s mobile platform delivers tools from the best of the brain sciences, resilience, mindfulness, building one’s gratitude, goal setting, action plans, journaling, and wellbeing.


Be Intent

be intent.jpg

The CelluAir technology allows nano-channels to be created in cellulose layers. This cellulose can be used to form a filtration layer in surgical masks, other face masks and filtration systems.


CelluAir (002).jpg

Bygen Pty Ltd has developed revolutionary new technology for the production of high-quality activated carbon. This approach requires significantly less energy and infrastructure than the traditional methods of activated carbon production.




TFM transforms metal powder, chips and swarf into billets, bar, plate and wire without remelting. By removing the high cost of melting, our technology enables the cost effective re-use of waste material to be re-circularised into the metal supply economy with significant savings.


TransForm Metals


A new and very cost efficient process for recycling certain PVC products and Aluminium Laminated PE such as plastic foil medical trays. Although two other processes exist for the recycle of PVC banners and other similar products, they are expensive and not viable. Additionally, there is currently no process for the recycling of Aluminium Laminated PE.


PVC Separation

pvc seperation.jpg

Athena Irrigation Tech has developed a new technology to continuously monitor the surface temperature of plant canopies (leaves) based on non-contact infrared temperature sensing. Canopy temperatures are used in an algorithm developed by the Waite Institute to calculate a novel index of plant water status or stress. 


Athena Irrigation Tech

athena irrigation.jpg

PageDip creates a brave new world for your documents. Documents have only one, true version shared with secure URLs instead of attachments. Best of all, they look great on any screen without needing special tech, developers, or designers. PageDip will work seamlessly with the other platforms you’re already using.




The Metrixcare platform enables an integrated, patient-centric view of clinical and corporate information with a choice of complementary modules that enhance patient engagement, governance, accreditation and improvement.




Gooroo’s patent-pending technology, based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, maps how different people think and make decisions in their lives and at work. Gooroo applies its technology in the areas of human capital, marketing and careers in order to build experiences that positively influence the lives of all humans.




Mum Central is Australia’s premier lifestyle hub for women with a love for parenting and lifestyle, beauty and fashion, food, travel and of course, great giveaways.


Mum Central


K-TIG is a revolutionary welding process that can weld thick metals, including exotics metals, up to 100 times faster and up to 94% cheaper than current competitor technology. Both General Electric & Bilfinger reported in excess of 92% cost savings and 90+% reduction in welding time when using K-TIG. 




The use of separation science will improve the availability and reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals; improve infant mortality with increased routine testing; improve food safety and quality, and; enable fast turn-around testing for athletes.




Makers Empire is the most advanced tool for teaching 3D printing at an elementary school level. In their first full financial year Makers Empire have already sold their system to 111 schools and are well on track to exceeding their projected budget of 250 schools.


Makers Empire

maker empire.jpg

Digital Keys allows one to access control systems commonly found in offices and hotels, allowing them to be unlocked anywhere with no onsite power, or infrastructure with keycard and smartphone unlocking. The system is more secure, more reliable and more affordable than Wi-Fi smart locks, and safely connects to the internet.


Digital Keys

digital keys.jpg

Alpha Vet Tech (AVT) is an Animal Health Med-Tec business with patent-pending wireless monitoring technology and big data. Our first product is WirelessZoo - a wearable monitoring solution designed and built for the Veterinary Profession to improve patient outcomes, increasing practice efficiency and profitability.


Alpha Vet Tech


Clarity Aquatic provides a promising new technology that will significantly reduce the amount of urban storm water pollution reaching environmentally sensitive downstream ecosystems. Clarity Aquatic simulates the naturally occurring water treatment processes by allowing plant roots to grow directly into the water column, similar to a hydroponic system.


Clarity Aquatic

clarity aquatic.jpg

The unique PREP software application is used by brand owners and packaging designers to design recyclable packaging for the circular economy. PREP Design is a joint venture between GreenChip, Planet Ark and Innovyz Waste & Recycling and the company owns and manages the PREP.




A filtration system that collects fine particles, plaster and sediment from waste water preventing them from entering the water system. The system does not use chemicals and comes in two figurations namely Bench mounted and a Wheelie Bin. The Wheelie Bin is able to recycle water through the normal 820mm door space and up to 30 floors.


Smart Sinks


X-Frame is a recoverable and reusable framing system for the next generation of sustainable construction. The result is an inherently braced structural matrix formed from CNC milled engineered plywood components that can be assembled into structural panels without the need for nails, glues, or screws.



x-frame logo.jpg

Plan2Profit develops a clear, concise business plan for you that consists of six key components. The company outlines your business idea, detail you and your supporting team’s experience and roles in the business, demonstrate how you will be profitable and show your audience why you and your team are the best people to make it all work.




Fusion AM's products are corrosion resistant, able to take very high temperatures and are lightweight and have applications in defence and aerospace, sport and recreation, water supply and treatment, ocean engineering,  automotive and chemical manufacturing amongst others.


Fusion AM

fusion am.jpg

Broken Arms Games is a full service game development company, producing both original games as well as bespoke games for corporate clients like 505 Games and Milestone. The company covers the whole game development cycle from the initial idea, artwork, code, and the complete game.


Broken Arms Games

broken arms games.jpg

A coordination solution for health and community care services. Pegasus Partners has been using Net-Care to coordinate community care in New Zealand  to service over 500 GO's, the nursing service, community care, pathology & radiology services as well as patient transport.



nexus ecare.jpg

SupraG Energy is a technology commercialization company with R&D, manufacturing and headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded by Professor Dan Li, Dr. Yufei Wang and Monash University in 2015, devoted to the development of disruptive graphene-based technologies for the next generation of energy storage solutions.


SupraG Energy

SUPRAG logo - white.png
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