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Our Growths and 
Exits strategy

Innovyz Growth & Exit's (G&E) predominant mandate is to assist Innovyz Institute portfolio program companies and Special Project (SP) companies to rapidly scale up via capital raisings

The Growth and Exits division will identify distribution and supply opportunities, and prepare these companies for rapid growth, with an eye to short term exit opportunities. This will be executed via a variety of mechanisms including but not limited to, trade sales, listings, roll-ups, M&A activity or in some cases a reoccurring revenue model that would satisfy investor long-term hold strategy.

Distribution models could include an expansion of national and international markets with a consideration of potential licence options, networks and / or establishment of company owned sites. With supply chains, consideration is given to logistics and efficient re-design where necessary.

G&E will work with:

Local, national & international Brokers, Funds, Family Offices, Institutional Investors and Sophisticated Investors in order to build to the point where it can act under its own AFSL and conduct capital raisings for portfolio companies. This could include Seed, Series A, Pre-IPO (or Series B). G&E should eventually be in a position where it can conduct an IPO raising if it chooses to do so.

A Special Project is defined as any project that Innovyz decides to work on or take equity in that is not a part of an Institute program. This includes but is not limited to;

  • A project offered to Innovyz by a university, research institute or individual that at the time of assessing the project it could not be accepted into a funded program, or a funded program had finished its hunting phase;

  • A mature project that does not fit the parameters of a program and may require an alternative methodology to fund or exit;

  • M&A opportunity

  • A listed entity opportunity

  • A roll-up opportunity

  • An international opportunity that is not covered by the ESVCLP conditions

  • A project that is not related to Advanced Materials or Advanced Manufacturing or Circular Economy (assuming we do another CE program)

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