Francois Gouws

Managing Director of the TRILITY Group of companies

Managing Director of the TRILITY Group of companies (36 in total with 280 employees). TRILITY manages/owns over 40 large scale water, waste water, desalination and irrigation schemes across Australia and New Zealand with a total capacity of 1.8GL/day. Most of the facilities were secured through long term Public Private Partnership (PPP/BOOT) agreements with TRILITY being the Developer and Operator with large equity stakes. TRILITY also owns a Technology and Manufacturing Business specialising in modular solutions supplied and serviced through five national factory outlets which also includes retail sales. Francois was appointed Managing Director in 2010 following an international ownership change and he was responsible for setting the Group on an aggressive growth path which included the formation and roll out of a new brand identity, diversification of offering, several acquisitions, a new corporate structure and a customer focussed collaborative culture. In addition, business systems and labour relations were optimised and an international expansion undertaken. The analytical predictive optimisation software developed has resulted in operational savings and is being commercialised under a separate brand with strong international interest. The expansion of the Group continues with a strong focus on safety, continues improvement and innovation. This has resulted in the quadrupling of the bottom line and in 2018 he steered the Group through a further international ownership change resulting in value to both previous and present shareholders.

The TRILITY Group is now owned by the Beijing Enterprises Water Group which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.