Florian Graichen

Dr Florian Graichen is Science Leader for Scion’s CircularBioeconomy related science and innovation areas - specifically Biobased Polymers and Chemicals. These activities are directed at solving new product and process challenges that arise through transition into a new economy focused on sustainable design and renewable resources. Customization and circular design thinking are at the heart of all innovations. Examples include the development of advanced biobased performance products, holistic packaging solutions, valorisation of primary sector waste and side streams and agile, modular and mobile processing (additive manufacturing).


Twitter: @FlorianGraichen

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/florian-graichen-42214a2b/

Scion: http://www.scionresearch.com/general/about-us/our-people/people/mb/florian-graichen

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