David McLauchlan

Founder and CEO, Buddy Platform

Former Global Head of Business Development, Microsoft (Zune and Windows Phone)

David is CEO and co-founder of Buddy Platform, Inc., ­a Seattle, WA-based provider of cloud services for mobile app developers & publishers on any device, any operating system, anywhere in the world.


Prior to starting Buddy, David spent nearly eleven years at Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA) where most recently he led business development for Microsoft¹s Zune hardware business as well as Windows Phone. Before that, he has spent many years in Microsoft¹s Windows division and prior to that in the Server & Tools division working on the Visual C++ product.

His international business development experience is considerable, having amassed nearly two million miles of global business travel fostering relationships and closing deals for Microsoft. In addition to his work in various product groups at Microsoft, David represented the company in several international standards setting organisations, most recently with the USB Implementers Forum and the Consumer Electronics Association. Over the years he has also worked with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), the Bluetooth SIG and the IEEE Printer Work Group.


Prior to joining Microsoft, David was a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Melbourne, Australia, and prior to that was a professional pianist in Adelaide, Australia.

David holds a Master of Engineering: IT, Telecommunications & Business Management, and a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons.) ­ both from the University of South Australia.