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Smaller, Lighter, Faster, and Longer Lasting Supercapacitors

Save Energy with SupraG's Significantly Advanced Developments to Scalable Processing of Graphene Materials

SupraG develops, manufactures and markets graphene-based electrode films. 

The technological foundation of SupraG Energy is a result of the research of Professor Dan Li, who is recognized as a world leader in graphene materials research. Prof. Li’s research significantly advanced developments related to scalable processing of graphene materials, with a specific focus on graphene-based electrodes with improved energy density for supercapacitor applications

Graphene is a fascinating nano-material that can be used for different applications. At SupraG, our innovation starts from the manipulation of the surface chemistry and morphology of the individual graphene sheets, followed with precise control of the interlayer interactions among graphene sheets during the self-assembly process, which further extend to the fine control of the nanostructure of the graphene-based films to achieve a highly porous yet compact structure that maximises energy storage capability while remaining highly conductive to ensure power capabilities.

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Productivity & Profitability

In addition to 50x to 100x speed advantages over TIG/GTAW, K-TIG users are able to greatly reduce power and gas consumption by up to 95%, dramatically reducing labour costs.



K-TIG easily handles longitudinal and circumferential welds on pipes, plates, vessels, tanks and many other applications. The technology does not require edge bevelling, and requires only a simple square butt joint. With no root gap is required, K-TIG can also be used to weld into all standard edge preparations. It can also be used in a single bevel weld joint configuration, suitable to process pipe welding applications.

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