Colin Paice

A highly successful and experienced entrepreneur Colin has demonstrated the ability to lead and to build companies and staff members to superior levels of both professional and personal success. Colin has successfully built 2 separate companies to the largest businesses of their type in Australia and has been approached on 2 different occasions for overseas high-level positions.


During Colins 27 years of hands-on-experience he has achieved an impressive record and increased his skills in strategic planning and development, identification of potential opportunities, the ability to implement and successfully follow through to higher levels of revenue and enhanced competitiveness, increased profitability, stream-lining and increased production of best practice work procedures and the capability to improve customer service offerings.


In Colins first 6 years starting at 18 years of age he established Sunlens, a sunglass and safety manufacturing company, and built it into the largest business of its type in Australia. During this time he was also the youngest person to achieve Australian Standards Licensing and certification.


Over the next 14 years Colin developed a second company, Optical Eyewear, into the largest prescription optical lens manufacture, wholesaler in Australia, taking it from 2 to over 200 employees, with branches in 5 Australian capital cities and 1 in Auckland, New Zealand.


In 1998 Colin was the recipient of the MMI Commerce and Industry Award.  He was nominated, without his knowledge, for this award by his staff.