Brett Jackson

Co-Founder, Innovyz and Innovyz Institute

Brett Jackson is a Co-founder and Executive Chair of Innovyz. He has more than 25 years of commercialisation experience, holding many senior executive roles with iconic brands such as Hills Industries, Orica and Dulux. Within his corporate roles, Brett specialised in bringing new and innovative products to market – creating and growing new brands within the company portfolios. Along with Stuart Douglas, Brett co-founded SMEGC a boutique private equity placement firm before co-founding Innovyz. As well as working on many Innovyz projects, he worked closely with K-Tig (ASX:KTG) in the very early days where he negotiated with CSIRO to extract the technology, recruited the founding board and CEO as well as contributing to the product development. Brett has a degree in marketing and management.



Phone Number: 0448 053 024