Brett Jackson

Co-Founder, Innovyz and Innovyz Institute

Brett Jackson has more than 25 years of commercialisation experience in New Zealand and Australia, encompassing business building, value propositions, team development, and business growth.

Brett is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Innovyz and Innovyz Institute, which commercialise technology in Advanced Manufacturing, Resources, Energy, Water, Waste & Recycling, Agri-Business, Health & Wellness, and Applied Technology. Innovyz provides end-to-end support to help innovators build and grow companies that bring their innovations to market. They also assist people and organisations who develop industry, make policy, and who have major commercialisation projects.

Brett is also the Founder and Chairman of Co-HAB, an Adelaide-based not-for-profit company providing coworking space for people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Spacious, well resourced, inspiring. Co-HAB was created as a not-for-profit company providing coworking space. The emphasis at Co-HAB is on collaboration, the fuel for invention. Far beyond merely a place from which to work, Co-HAB is a unique place to develop your business, to connect with others and be part of the future of South Australia. Administered by Innovyz, Co-HAB is located just south of Adelaide CBD in the Tonsley collaborative and high-value industry, education and residential precinct. A place for industrial pioneers and innovators. 

Brett has held many senior executive national and international roles with icon brands such as Hills Industries, Orica and Dulux.

Brett left the corporate world to Co-Found SME Growth Capital, a boutique private equity placement firm. Subsequently, he co-founded Innovyz and is now considered one of the countries leading commercialisation practitioners.




Innovyz supports CO-HAB - A first class, full featured, cost-effective, collaborative, coworking space for companies who aspire to be BIG

Special thanks to our collaboration partners:

1 Tonsley Blvd, Tonsley, Adelaide, Australia | FAQ | Email: | Phone: +61 448 053 024

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