Andy Roberts

Commercialisation Manager, Innovyz

Andy was formerly the CEO of the Water Industry Alliance (WIA) and has over 15 years of experience of working with and advising a range of both small and big business and government as clients.

As CEO of the WIA he partnered with the SA Government and irrigators to manage the writing of the business case that ultimately secured the SARMS-3IP $265 million grants program. He also led the Australian water mission to China in 2014.

In previous roles, Andy has account managed software and engineering contracts for a wide range of clients; Gold Coast Water, Hunter Water, Central Irrigation Trust, Renmark Irrigation Trust, United Utilities North West (UK), Anglian Water (UK), Thames Water (UK). Severn Trent Water (UK), Affinity Water (UK), Yorkshire Water (UK), as well as working on a number of other projects for clients in Australia, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom. Andy has also carried out a number of advisory board roles and served on several committees for government.


In November 2016, Andy co-founded Rogue Lumens, a company that creates new products and services with a focus on disruptive technologies relating to vision and light.  Their first offering will deliver a technical service in the marketing field and fill a niche that Andy identified during his business travels in his previous roles. The Proof-of-Concept is nearly complete and they will be demonstrating it to their first potential clients in Adelaide.

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