We believe that there are two halves to innovation, research turning money into ideas, and commercialisation turning ideas back into money

We specialise in the commercialisation of research from universities and other institutions that can be applied to the future of advanced materials and manufacturing.


We do this over a 12 month commercialisation process where our team provides end-to-end support to help individuals, universities, research centres, existing companies and corporate spinouts build and grow companies, to bring their innovations, research and ideas to market.  

Our team consists of dedicated entrepreneurs and professionals

Derrick Lobban
Derrick is the CEO of Innovyz.
Stuart Douglas
Stuart is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Innovyz.
Brett Jackson
Brett is the Co-founder and Executive Chair of Innovyz.
Tom Kenyon
Tom is the general Manager of Innovyz Capital.
Christine Thursby
Christine oversees the legal and financial aspects of the Innovyz Group.
Wiehann De Klerk
Wiehann is a Commercialisation Manager at Innovyz.
Nick Wilson
Nick is a Commercialisation Manager at Innovyz.
Andy Roberts
Andy is a Commercialisation Manager at Innovyz.
Jesse Douglass
Jesse is the Research Assistant at Innovyz.
Ari Jackson
Ari is the communications trainee at Innovyz.
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Our Innovyz USA team

Great ideas matter

Great ideas matter, are important to national economies, fulfil human needs, solve big problems, and drive our lives and communities forward. It is these ideas that we look for, where we choose to focus our support. We operate across multiple industry categories and particularly focus on Ideas That Really Matter. Despite the potential impact of an idea, it needs to be established and nurtured, in order to grow.


Innovyz builds process and company structure, and assembles teams to rapidly commercialise and scale innovations, research and ideas. Great companies that Innovyz or our programs have assisted can be found below.

Gary Klopfenstein
Gary is a Founding Manager of Innovyz USA.
Laine Klopfenstein
Laine is a Commercialisation Manager at Innovyz USA.
Regine Jean-Baptiste
Regine is the Project Manager of Innovyz USA.
Nathanael Miller
Nathanael Miller is a Technical Advisor at Innovyz USA.
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